The Ultimate Social Media Guide 2023

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By Mehmet Kale

The ultimate social media guide

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You need to understand one single concept:

Social media is a market place. Not less, not more.


Let me explain why.


Let’s say you hit your local Saturday market to buy fruits and vegetables. Your time is limited and you want to get the best offer you can. You might walk a little through the different market stalls – maybe you discover something new – but you are more likely to go where you always go to buy your cheese, tomatoes or avocado. You know these stalls well and they always make you happy and satisfied.

Now think of LinkedIn (or any other social media you know) as your local market place: LinkedIn is interested in getting users and keeping them. For every existing user, they will deliver the most appropriate post, that brings most value to the user. Compared to a market place with fruits and vegetables, LinkedIn already knows what you need when you enter their platform. They will deliver you the cheese and tomatoes you are looking for, give you some fruits and maybe let you discover some new things, which you might also be interested in. 

You get the idea?


It is fast in understanding your wishes and delivering you what you need as soon as you enter the platform. Compared to your local fruit and vegetable market, you don’t need to fight your way through all the people to get to your favorite market stall respectively the content you need.

Don’t be scared now, this is not about “social media knows everything about me”, but how social media can deliver you the best value for yourself only in the fastest way possible.

So why is social media a market place?


Let’s say you want to sell tomatoes, but they stink and offer no value to anybody. Why should your local market give you a stall to sell your tomatoes, when you have nothing to offer for visitors? You will scare all the people away, no?

Same principle goes along with creating content for social media: When your content has no value to anyone, then the social media platform – in our example LinkedIn – has no interest in showing your content to anybody; even when you pay them 100x more than anybody else. 

Understand your niche and get creative.

When you create content, then serve a niche, educate people, entertain them or just offer something new, which makes them excited.

And when you don’t hit high on social media, don’t worry. Your fruits were not that great yet, try again, you have unlimited tries.

Little side note: @Garyvee says, social media users are either interested in entertainment or education. It is in your interest to make content which fits at least one of both fields.

– Mehmet

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