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Belonging is a universal desire for all humans and stories are the key to connection. That’s why at futurlead, we focus on creating impactful stories that define brands and move people.

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About futurlead.

Hello, my name is Mehmet and I am the face behind futurlead.

At my previous company, I was a marketing manager without a partner who truly understood my goals. Every agency tried to sell me solutions I didn’t need, and nobody was ever available to answer my questions. With futurlead, I aim to change that.

If you’re interested in discovering why brands matter more than ever before or have an idea for a project, leave me a message – Let’s connect.

Mehmet Kale
Mehmet Kale

Some questions and answers.

In general, there are individual solutions for every brand, because each business wants to be unique at the end of the day. The questions you need to ask yourself first are: who is your target audience, where do they hang out (which platform), and what “language” do they speak? What is the goal of your content? Can it further strengthen your brand, or is there perhaps a better solution for your company?

So, before we create any content, we first determine what makes your brand unique. Often, we recommend joint workshops at this stage. What personality is behind your brand, and what do customers say about your company when you’re not present? During this phase, we can get creative and collect all possible ideas together. It’s important for us to involve you early in the branding process. Whether we proceed to create content, videos or photography afterward, we will decide together.

Videos are consumed through large or small screens every day. They are distributed across digital channels by various communities. According to Wyzowl, 86% of companies use videos as their primary marketing tool, and 93% of marketing managers say that videos are one of the most important elements of their marketing strategy.

For brands, it is crucial to hop on this trend and become active on digital channels. Professionally produced videos indicate the high quality behind a brand and often provide customers with enough information to form an impression of the various products or services.

The cost of a video depends on various factors: What concept is being implemented, how many shooting days are needed, are there any customer visits, do you need actors, is filming done outside the company at a different location, do you require special graphics, and what is the effort involved in post-production. It is important to consider the goal of the video and the long-term value it brings to your brand. If the value outweighs the cost, then it’s worth producing a video.

Note that it is possible to have a production day where different formats of content can be produced; for example, a long-form product film, short-form social media videos and product photography.This reduces the total cost of production.

A long-form video can be 30-90 seconds long. An image film typically falls in the range of 60-90 seconds, while a trailer can be under 15 seconds. For all formats, it’s important to consider the video’s goal and its intended use.

Whether a series of different videos/formats is needed can also be determined collaboratively in this context.

The post-production of a film production involves bringing together individual shots and any graphics to create a finished video.

The individual shots are edited together, colors are adjusted through color grading, and depending on the video, visual effects (VFX) may be added. It may also involve the inclusion of graphics that provide the necessary titles for the video. Music, audio, and sound effects are also worked on in post-production, tailored to the editing and delivered in the highest quality.

Depending on the concept, preparation, shooting days, and post-production, the creation of a 45-second video, for example, can take around 2-3 days.

It is important for us to adhere to the CI/CD guidelines of your brand and to plan and produce our content in accordance with these guidelines. If you have not yet defined guidelines for your brand, we can work together to determine them.

Kundenstimmen futurlead
Kundenstimmen futurlead

Thomas Rothkoegel

Partner ROWAPA

“Mehmet is a master of his trade. He analyzes the initial situation perfectly, looks for a suitable form and implements it perfectly. I can highly recommend him as a filmmaker, director, screenwriter and as a person.”

Kundenstimmen futurlead
Kundenstimmen futurlead

Christian Rutzer

Deputy Head of CIEB,

University of Basel

“Mehmet supported us in the implementation and realization of our social media strategy. Mehmet was very responsive to our individual needs and we benefited greatly from his creativity and knowledge of what works in social media. Our social media presence has greatly improved with Mehmet’s advice.”

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