Traditional Muay Thai in Basel

Jai Petch

Jai Petch is Thai and means diamond heart. Behind this name is the new Muay Thai Gym in Basel, which not only wants to teach Thai boxing, but the whole wisdom of this combat sport.

The Muay Thai energy is conveyed in the opening trailer by the founder & coach Nebi. The cinematic shots are meant to put the viewer into the story of the fighter, to motivate and inspire for Muay Thai. In addition, short-form video ads were created for social media.

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“The videos produced by Mehmet are not only technically polished, but also capture the essence of my martial arts school in an impressive way. His creative approach and ability to bring out the unique elements of my business have helped to ensure that my message is conveyed clearly and convincingly to my target audience.”

– Nebi, Jai Petch Gym