Mehmet Kale

Mehmet Kale

I’m a creative director with passion for filmmaking, marketing and why people follow brands.

My passion for filmmaking began in my youth, when I would take my parent’s camcorder and film my friends and family. Sometimes I would document our family trips and annoy my older sister by doing so – I just loved being able to capture memories and moments that otherwise would have been lost and forgotten, I guess.

As I got older, I developed a love of marketing and brand loyalty and saw how it could be used to build a business. But I realized that if I wanted to truly understand how to create a successful brand, I needed to understand the science behind it. So I decided to pursue a degree in Chemistry, which unlocked a whole new world of knowledge and opportunities for me…
Actually, I just wanted to learn more about Chemistry and had no idea about branding at that time (I was 18). I just wanted to study Chemistry, so it was pure interest! BUT, there is a science behind why people follow and love brands. Maybe the Chemistry part is involved here.

Wow, I just saved myself.

However, my studies have helped me develop analytical skills that have enabled me to analyze data, to identify target audiences, determine the most effective messages and develop strategies to reach those audiences. I have also learned how to create detailed reports and presentations to clearly communicate my findings and ideas to colleagues and partners.

I have a passion for finding the perfect angle, message and story to capture the attention of potential audiences. My creativity, knowledge of business, and understanding of marketing and brand love have been key in helping to create winning campaigns and marketing materials. I keep learning and researching more about marketing, brands and the power of videos.

If you like to know why brands matter more than ever before, leave me a mail – Let’s connect!


Referenzen Video Agentur
Referenzen Video Agentur
Referenzen Video Agentur
Referenzen Video Agentur
Kundenstimmen futurlead
Kundenstimmen futurlead

Thomas Rothkoegel

Partner ROWAPA

“Mehmet is a master of his trade. He analyzes the initial situation perfectly, looks for a suitable form and implements it perfectly. I can highly recommend him as a filmmaker, director, screenwriter and as a person.”

Kundenstimmen futurlead
Kundenstimmen futurlead

Christian Rutzer

Deputy Head of CIEB,

University of Basel

“Mehmet supported us in the implementation and realization of our social media strategy. Mehmet was very responsive to our individual needs and we benefited greatly from his creativity and knowledge of what works in social media. Our social media presence has greatly improved with Mehmet’s advice.”


There is a lot of things I am interested in, below some examples.

Mehmet Kale

& Brand Strategy.

To see the real purpose
of any business.


Storytelling with cinematic visuals. Two projects I worked on.

Wieso ein Unternehmen die richtige Video Agentur braucht

Finding Magic.

Closing the gap between
strategy and branding.

Illustration by Mehmet Medy Kale


Drawing is forgetting time. I am selling some of my work here: Have a look!


Capturing moments. A little camera is always with me.

Trusted by.

Mehmet Kale
Mehmet Kale

       “I am eager to better understand the strategy of any company, to analyze their target audience and align my work to the whole picture. If you want someone, who not only knows how to create content, but also understands the value of brands, I am the right partner for you.”

Mehmet Kale

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